Rebisz Patryk

United States

Patryk Rebisz, born in Poland, is a New York City based filmmaker utilizing film, video and photography. He studied painting at the prestigious Cooper Union School of Art imagining himself to become a maker of images. But it wasn't painting that he ended up producing. As he got bored with the solitude of painter's studio, he reached out and started to collaborate with others in creation of moving images. Nowadays he directs and shoots bringing stunning experiences to the viewers. He works with visual medium using the best of what flows through his veins - skillful use of colors and lighting to create exquisite images. He has shot 7 feature-length films ("Last Day of Summer" starring DJ Qualls and Nikki Reed, "I Believe in America" starring Melissa Leo), a number of TV shows ("Stream" starring Whoopi Goldberg), a multitude of music videos, commercials and a number of reality based productions ("9 By Design" for BravoTV, comedic episodes for "The Daily Show"). He lives and works in NYC, sometimes taking a trip across the continent to work in LA.

Between You And Me

201300:05:00Video Art
Between you and me captured an international audience and prestigious awards for its innovative approach to still photography. The technique utilized the burst mode a photo camera's ability to record a rapid succession of images-in telling a chance encounter. A young woman, snapping photographs in a big city, is attacked and loses her camera. The assault sparks the attention of a young man who attempts to save her are in vain. In the end her lost camera becomes his only clue to finding her.

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