Kapon Annetta

United States

Born in ATHENS Greece 1950, Anneta Kapon works in sculpture, Installation and video. Kapon has exhibited in the United States and Abroad since 1982. Her work has been featured at Side Street Projects, Jewish Museum in Greece, the University of Chicago, LACE, Exit Art and Wexner Center for the Arts among others. She has had solo exhibitions at shosana Wayne Gallery, Armstrong/Scoenheit, French Institute and Zefxis in Greece, Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, U.C. Riverside, and Southern Exposure in San Francisco. She showed her work at the Biennale of Sydney and at Vi Coloquio Internacional De Arte Digital in Havana in June 2004.

405 North, 405 South

201300:03:40Video Art
This is supposed to be a video of the 405 freeway (in Los Angeles, CA, USA) in the evening rush hour. In fact, however, what appears to be headlights and taillights are rows of shiny silver and red Christmas beads, illuminated by strong halogen lights that make the beads sparkle in the dark. The beads are slowly pulled towards opposite directions by a hand on a black tablecloth.The video alludes to my sense of despair while driving from one university to the next to teach, and the sense of both dislocation and connection I feel when my body traverses long distances very, very slowly. It is also meant to express the strange and poetic beauty of this slow flow of headlights and taillights resembling rivers of glowing lava or brilliant strings of diamonds and rubies. My strategy of representation was to literalize the metaphors through a metonymic slide of concrete associations: the lights look like brilliant rivers of diamonds and rubies, which look like lit Christmas garlands, therefore the freeway IS Christmas garlands.

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