Tzini Anna


Anna Tzini was born in Athens in 1984, she studied in FOCUS school of photography, video and new technologies. She has participated in numerous exhibitions and festivals since 2003. Member of PLATFORMA VIDEO production team. Founding member of the artistic group Panws Ki Ammos.

Melanie Dies

200800:01:00Video Art
(off - We hear a gunshot) Melanie dies. An abstractive video.


200600:05:06Video Art
Mostly autobiographical this short movie is about a very weird person who lives on his own, mainly in his head. He has many repressions and has therapy sessions on his own. He is obsessive and deeply problematic. I thought of making such a movie for those who are like that (whether they like it or suffer from it) because I love them. I love troubled people and since most films depict "healthy", beautiful, rich, sociable and successful people I thought I might make a movie for those who aren't like that and probably will never be...

Afterdeath Interviews

200500:04:47Video Art

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