Fomenko Marina


In 2005 Marina Fomenko graduated from the "Independent Workshops" School of Contemporary Art of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art . Since 2004, she is a permanent participant of contemporary art exhibitions. She took part in projects of the Moscow Museum of Modern Arts "Space", "Power", "Memoria", "Between". In 2007, Marina had a solo exhibition in Moscow Museum of Modern Art. She participated in The 1st Moscow Biennale of Young Art. She took part in international video festivals in Russia: "Videologia","Pusto"; Media Forum of 30th Moscow International Film Festival, "Outvideo", and festivals in Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Ukraine and China.

(Non) Strategies

200900:02:06Video Art
Last implementation of the defense technology is in the form of toys. The tanks never rest. The plastic brothers of the ferocious machines also want to go to war. They are using the military experience of their forerunners and implement existing military strategies adapting them to different scales and new enemies.

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