Gueguen Jerome Walter


For over 5 years JWG has organized various projects for Transe Media. Different artists and craftsmen have gathered and produced works of art. TM first came from naive passion for tribal art and beliefs. It is living art and it takes different forms, videos, performances, dance, music. Every project leads to unexpected encounters and new ideas. However Transe always remains mysterious, pleasurable and creative. In TM performance always comes first. Its reproduction,videos, films, photos are only the witnesses of a special magical moment.

A p p a r e I l

201200:09:00Video Art
In Apparell, we have Sebastian Labie, the world champion human torch who is of Belgian and Mongol origin with his team of stuntmen and acrobats, Sofia Senna who is an Argentinian dancer and who writes about subversion in performances, Romain Brau, a superb creator from Paris, based in Antwerpen, and all this is seen through the electronic eyes and is under the hands of Xiang Lu, a chief operator from Tian Jin.

The Athens Digital Arts Festival archive has been developed by Antonis Lianos