Navidauskas Laurynas


Laurynas Navidauskas is a filmmaker and photographer exploring the themes of memory, surrealism, and everyday life. He is a graduate of Simon Fraser University's School for the Contemporary Arts (BFA), and Simon Fraser University's School of Communication (MA). His other directing credits include short film Good Night, Sleep Tight (2006; short; Best Student Film in Images Festival 2007), Snapshot (2007; short), and A City in Five Minutes (2008; short).

A city In Five Minutes

200900:03:50Video Art
Taking its cues from the tradition of city movies in the first half of the twentieth century, "A City in Five Minutes" is a lighthearted look at a day in the life of a major city.

La cucina futurista

In 1932, attempting to revolutionize Italian cuisine, Filippo Marinetti published a manifesto of cookery La Cucina Futurista. Despite the cunningly deceptive title, this film has nothing to do with Marinetti or his dubious accolades. Rather than that, it approaches food in a fully embraced manner for years, with children and slapstick comedy: with extreme silliness. This may actually be the silliest film you will ever see.

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