Acic Aleksandra


Aleksandra Acic graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, department of painting in Belgrade. Currently, She is a PhD candidate at the University of Arts at Digital art department, as well as a member of ULUS ( Association of Fine Artists Serbia). She works in the field of painting, video and 2D/3D animation and has received two awards: student award 'Ljubica Sokic' for painting and special mention for video art at the international festival Videomedeja in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Blind hands

In my video work "Blind Hands" I used a body as a screen to project digital images on. I dedicated this work to one of the human senses I consider in this era disappearing and that would be the sense of touch. The growth of technology and overcoming digitization made an effort to develop a substitute and to please human need for touch. What I have in mind are sensitive displays and other forms of interactive devices. What I try to analyze is evolution of communication that is reaching towards digitized forms. And I want to suppose the question in what senses it is false? Personally, I find that the communication evolved but was unable to replace the knowledge that we receive from the human touch. In my work, I placed human body to be a source of exploration. To be an object. The exploring subjects are digital hands. Therefore I named them 'Blind'.


Metamorphosis is a visual response to the book 'Water and Dreams: An Essay on the Imagination of Matter' of Gaston Bachelard. It reflects inner condition and affection.

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