Schwed Jennifer

United States

Multimedia artist Jennifer Schwed uses super 8 film combined with technology to give voice to one of the greatest human desires: love. An accomplished and published poet, Jennifer combines her original free-verse poetry with film, photography and music to create avante-garde "cinepoems." Part film experiment, part performance art and part literature, Jennifer`s cinepoems layer rich, saturated modern imagery with music, and the poet`s own voice. The result? A not-quite-narrative but visually stunning examination of the human condition. "My work is a moving visual interpretation of words and thoughts and ideas, without boundaries or rules," says the artist. "I've always been drawn to creating digital collages; collecting random elements and making them fit together," she continues. "The ability to combine the old fashioned art of poetry with the newer technologies of film and video is like being able to bring a thought, an idea to life." Jennifer continues, "There are usually multiple layers to the work and I try to re-create a feeling rather than a literal visual interpretation of an idea. I want viewers to feel like they`ve experienced a painting in 3D?a piece that comes alive in many dimensions, with images, music, words and motion." Jennifer got her design start studying Interactive Multimedia at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. She followed that up with over a decade of experience in the interactive design field, working for a number of high-profile clients. In 2008, Jennifer released her first full length CD, Mellow Dramas, on the Stereo Deluxe label. Her poems appear on over two dozen compilations. Her cinepoems are available at

Night after night

201000:04:42Video Art
Night after night you give in subtly submissive hesitant, as though this love might break angels sing your name lush & languid believing faith overrides trust "don't trust me," you whisper my black star in this white night gently gravity loses its hold we fall, together wholly entwined, an ancient rendering of desire brought to life night after night we dance the dance swaying with uncertainty will you give in again? as you do with eyes beckoning a gesture so familiar I've grown to wonder if you exist, if the world sees you as I do unfinished beauty that wants and takes and hides suspended by only a sliver of moonlight night after night I urge you to run, I tempt you with lies and yet you give in subtly submissive certain that this love will break irretrievable evidence of who we were slipping through your fingertips.


201000:05:38Video Art
There is a pattern to falling in love, though we imagine its uniqueness delirious & devilish blinded by our luminous faith with the earth spinning just for us just as she turned from you turned to me and we started all over again between the lies we unearthed the truth a fiction of such beauty how can you deny her lie by her be and just be the love we fall into is endless weightless recreating her song I'll teach you the words we'll breathe the story unwind the past but never undo the innocence there's a pattern to falling in love it is blind it is consuming it is at once unfaithful and a prayer of devotion there is a pattern to falling in love give wholly put the questions aside embrace the longing the patterns are infinite as is love join me here awaiting the next fall.

A conversation on desire Pt 1

201000:05:24Video Art
When? no one knows, seeping in unexpectedly growing from moment to moment unnoticed for so long the curve of your lips the shape of your hands your eyes the color of a shattered sea desire snaking in softly winding through the grass capturing you enrapturing me irresistible in her siren song I resist only to give in and give in again I wrote the play you read your lines words intertwined and fused together igniting the taste of wanting you to embrace your artful thoughts blindly blissful twisting like a dream through the places long sleeping wake me when you get here an invitation to midnight poised on the cusp of more and then some somewhere you are reliving this with me the memory of our future etched in careless detail seeping in unexpectedly this thing called desire.

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