Burn Sean

United Kingdom

Sean Burn is a writer, performer and outsider artist with a growing international reputation who is also actively involved in disability arts. He is currently outside in artist in residence with the new art gallery walsall/disability arts shropshire. his twenty short films have received many screenings worldwide, as well as at tate modern and national film theatre studios, london. he has had three cd?s of his work released, most recently speaksong (with gareth mitchell, musician). skrev press ( have just launched a third full-length collection of his writing ? wings are giving out ? (isbn 978-1-904646-56-3).

First medovnik then

201000:03:05Video Art
(Produced as part of under covered festival, cesta, Czech Republic and dedicated to Czech artists Vera Chytilova and Eva Svankmajerova) this work celebrates resistances of 1968 (Prague spring), charter 77 and the velvet revolution of 1989. Produced to celebrate 20th anniversary of the fall of the iron curtain while reminding we are still not free.


200700:04:10Video Art
A soundmap of budapest in text/visuals/sound. !sz is a re-examining of the 'noise' that we are surrounded by & increasingly bombarded with. i have used cut-ups to remix /mash-up the streets into something scratched, grainy, credible - it is part of an ongoing reclamation of languages (visual/textual/sonic), of the streets, of vernacular. we are surrounded, often defined by languages, yet we use it to free ourselves. powers that be cant pin it down ? language lives. remix / mash up / create / recreate yr own.


200700:02:22Video Art
Illness hospitalised me; to stay well I created art reflecting my experiences; chekhov uses visual cut-ups animated in an act of art-brut that parallels the poetry and soundwork that form the aural track. chekhov incorporates culture-jamming techniques in my work, reclaiming / reworking / subverting existing material that tries insisting we buy into narratives i dont recognise. radical antipsychiatrists, deleuze/guattari talk about the lines ov our life - both the formal ones - the interstices - & also the more subliminal, curved lines that mark more personal, unique voyages. i follow these more subliminal, unique lines in chekhov.

The Terror We Create

200600:04:26Video Art
3 brief experimental films of text-based soundwork / animated digital art/photography exploring boundaries and freedoms, rights & responsibilities, particularly relating to the current geopolitical climate. Creating work for me is an act of staying well; i make art because i have to; my work is about giving voice, allowing the silent/silenced to speak and giving voice sonically/visually/textually to these silenced, these creative alternatives, these strategies for survival. my work belongs to the art brut / marginal / outlaw territories of art as essentially an emotional response to political / social acts around us. Much of my work stems from dialogues conducted with different peoples, places, artforms, ideas.

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