Coignard Solene


Solene Coignard - Born in FRANCE and studied ballet, modern and contemporary dance in Paris for 6 years. At fifteen, she joined the C?mpagn'I Popard and toured with that company for five years. Then she worked in Paris with Nicolas REBESHINI, Mourad BELEKSIR (Productions de l'invisble), Frederic LESCURE... She moved to Brussels(Belgium) two years ago where she created the COLLECTIF BORBORYGME (which gathered visuals artists, filmakers, costumes designers, choreographers and performers) and opened a dance space where she organised exibitions, performances, exhibiting and organising jams sessions. As a self-taught, Solene produced her first short video in 2008 and then she did two others dance movies included "3:6", shot in Marroco in 2009. She choreographed and performed the duet "Might Turn Out" with Jonathan PRANLAS, showed in a few festivals in Brussels. She is practising contact improve, contemporary dance and the indian martial art Kalary Payat in Paris, Belgium, Berlin and India.

3` 06``

201000:04:45Video Art
The video "3:6" was shot in an old Castel on the Atlas mountains in Marroco (July 2009). The two dancers try to escape from a closing space. Their almost naked bodies border walls, fall against them; their balance seems to be fragile. The color of the wall matched the color of their skin and the way they move confuses the audience about their perception of the scene. The space appears either very small or huge and no direction is clear anymore. Among this confusion, the two dancers find their own balance in being together, closer to each other. This is about skins, falling, losing control and finally being two.

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