Roscoe Henrique


Memory (e)scapes

200900:02:20Video Art
HOL is a generative conceptual audiovisual project created by the multimedia artist Henrique Roscoe. All the compositions have a correspondence between audio and video, and they are both played live, in real time performances. The project is based on the idea of synesthesia. Colors, shapes and movements of each element are synchronized with notes, harmonies and rhythm. Both music and image are of the same importance and they are frequently generated together as the artist plays a note on the keyboard. A new and unique software instrument is created for each composition, so that the concept of each theme can be developed in its full possibilities. There is also a conceptual approach in all compositions, so that each one represents emotions and feelings about each theme that is being developed. Each work is the result of an idea that will be materialized afterwards in sound and image.

Dot, a video game with no winner

201300:30:00Performance Art
DOT, a videogame with no winner is an audiovisual performance with synchronized sounds and images that is being executed with the use of a game console designed and programmed by the artist himself. The art work is separated in five parts exactly like the levels of a game, whereas the audience was invited to play along the artist.

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