Sabato Visconti


Sabato Visconti is a Brazilian born visual artist and photographer based in Western Massachusetts. Sabato began experimenting with glitch art processes in 2011 with the help of a defective memory card that randomly wrote zeroes on JPEG files. This experience marked a profound change in his artistic journey. Since then, Sabato's glitch photography has been featured in publications like TIME Magazine, WIRED, and AI-AP’s “Latin American Fotografia” Anthology; his work has also been shown throughout the world in galleries like the Tate Britain, LACDA, and others.

(Ecco the Dolphin) Ride the Cataclysm

'(Ecco the Dolphin) Ride the C a t a c l y s m ' tells the story of an a nihilistic dolphin navigating a world of systemic failures, corrupted oceans, ecological catastrophes, lush aesthetics, blood-thirsty sharks, and alien technology. It is an allegory for our present age. Designed as a series of looping vignettes based off the classic Sega Genesis video game Ecco the Dolphin 2: The Tides of Time. Each vignette was created from a glitched iteration of the video game ROM. Files are available as animated gif's or as video files. You can see the full series here:

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