Mitsaki Dimitra & Mudra Kristin

Greece / Germany

Dimitra Mitsaki is a director, writer & video artist, also known as Fish Lily. Born in Thessaloniki at 1986 and currently lives and works in Athens. She studied Filmmaking in Berlin, where she lived and worked from 2010 to 2015. Her writing debut is the theater play Donít Forget to Home and it was presented in various venues in Berlin and in Athens. She has done 4 short films. Her work focuses on socio-political aspects and she recently launched the online documentary series, the Cockroach, which discusses the interaction between art & politics. / Kristin Mudra is a director based in Berlin. She studied Philosophy in Cologne and Fillmamking in Berlin. She has directed 3 short films and a music video.

We need to talk about Barbie

201600:02:40Video Art
No woman can call herself free until she can choose consciously whether she will or will not be a mother" M. Sanger/ Birth Control activist What consciously means in a world that unconsciously imposes the way of living? Does fear lead you to have a child or do not have one? And when fear is playing a big part, how conscious are the choices made? How about when you bring a girl into this world? What we can do to stop the objectification of women? Can we teach our daughters to be critical? And what is the role of social media in this? Repeat after me: I am free.

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