Stankovi? Sofija & Stojkovi? Teodora


TeYosh consists of Sofija Stankovi? and Teodora Stojkovi?. The duo started working together in 2010 and they currently live and work in Amsterdam. Their design is mostly based on clear, often provocative and humorous statements. Their project “Dictionary Of Online Behavior” gained a lot of attention after TeYosh’s solo exhibition in Belgrade in 2015, where they presented it. The exhibition received great media attention in Serbian prominent newspapers, TV and radio shows. “Dictionary Of Online Behavior” was also exhibited in MOTI Museum as a part of the “Planet Hype” exhibition.

Def Shuffle (array, random)

201600:00:00Web Art
'def shuffle (array, random)' is an HTML page travelling through an online database. This database is primarily structured around a randomized novel called “The Fellowship of the Thing” [1]. Written in individual HTML pages, the novel is alternated and overlaid with sounds, images, videos and other HTML pages. The HTML page visits the traces of its own coming into being as an algorithm, while attempting to organize a new structure out of the loose pieces it has in reach. “def shuffle (array, random)” is part of a series of online works hosted on ? This growing database hosts works that are entwined with each other by sometimes making use and overlaying fragments of each other’s databases. [1] Title generated via:

The Dictionary of Online Behavior

201600:05:00Web Art
While communicating online, people find themselves in entirely different situations and judge the behavior of others by completely new parameters. The online condition asks for a new sign language that users need to adopt in order to read and analyze internet-based communication. This project investigates and defines behaviors that are equivalent to body language in offline communication. The dictionary offers essential tools to decode and to partake in the ongoing evolution of human behavior in the digital social sphere. As the social networks keep expanding, the project is updated with the newest terms.

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