Typiak Mada


Born in 1991, in the forest, in a small village in north Poland. She studied Fine arts, Mixed media in Toru? and currently is a first-year student of Masters degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gda?sk (Intermedia). She’s interested in photography, experimental videos, and installations. Her point of view is based on redefining her surroundings. As in Plato’s "Allegory of the Cave" she’s trying to find out how things are, by exploring and converting their shades.

Arbitrary, self-conscious

201500:09:30Video Art
"Arbitrary, self-conscious" is about moving in the opposite direction. I put my body in everyday situations, on the beaten paths in the neighborhood (Gdansk downtown) but in a completely different way. Steps are posed clumsily, hesitantly. For me it's a unique experience during this performance/video art to change the sense of the present and to show , by the way , a metaphor about my life motivations.

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