Gatou Ismini


Ismini Gatou holds a MA in Cultural Management from Panteion University in Athens and a M.Sc. in Cultural Informatics from University of the Aegean. In her research, she focuses on theories regarding the city experience and the city soundscape. Her interest lies in the use of sound and the urban soundscape to emergence of a site, as defined in the theory of Heidegger and the phenomenological theory in general. Her research approaches issues regarding development and implementation of interactive digital applications and audio maps in order to create a different narrative. "5:6 landscapes of mytilene" is her dissertation work for the Master of Cultural Informatics program in 2014-2015, for which she received a scholarship of the Leventis Foundation.

5:6 Landscapes of Mytilene

2015Web Art
"5:6 landscapes of Mytilene" is an interactive sound map of the city of Mytilene. The stories are focused on the perceptions of the "foreigner" and the "place" (in terms of phenomenological philosophy). Five people that live in the city of Mytilene, five people that came from other places (cities or even countries) are talking about their life in the island, while walking in the streets of the city. The stories are rather a result of a psychogeographical approach of the city based on the figure of the flaneur, than a documentary-like process. Even though the map is sound based, there is also optical information, such as photography and animation regarding each person's individual map. These personal maps, are constructing the total map of the city of Mytilene. "5:6 landscapes of mytilene" is a phenomenological "game", based on psychogeography and theories regarding the city soundscape. The contribution of Dimitris Mitsopoulos was very important for the development of the application in Adobe Flash programming environment.

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