Passa Chiara


Chiara Passa is an Italian artist, a conceptualizer and a professor. Her work combines different media and varies from internet-art projects to animations and interactive video-installations. Chiara Passa also engages with digital art in public space creating site-specific artworks and video-sculptures. The artist develops internet-artworks as widgets, apps and web-apps for mobile platforms. Her work has been exhibited in Tate Britain, FILE Festival and The Wrong Biennale in Sao Paulo and Glitch Festival in Dublin. Passa uses new technologies in a wide-range production in order to comprise its intrinsic language, experimenting on the unknown creative possibilities that new media are continuously offering. She runs The Widget Art Gallery a web-based app containing a single art gallery room that hosts every month a solo digital art exhibition related to its dynamic site-specific space.

Extemporary land art on Google Earth

2015Web Art
The work Extemporary land art on Google Earth belongs to the series "Live Architectures", a series of site-specific artworks, that is created and usable exclusively on Google Earth. Through the augmented reality technology, the artwork aims to create an extemporary-temporary virtual land-art, constructing a sort of "mise en abyme" or "droste effect", in which an element shifts to the other in depth, merging the Google Earth environment with the augmented area in order to create a new space. "Live Architectures" is a series of digital and interactive artworks that were created over time in a wide-range production. These interactive artworks aim to reshape the indoor and the outdoor architecture, the environmental places and the 'digital environment', transforming it into something alive and vibrant.

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