Fragoulis Kostas


I haven't done any studies in Directing-Filming. My C.V. is bigger now as I have taken part in the first contest of Athens videoart festival. In addition, I have taken part in Micropolis Contest and in Videodance. Music, pictures and stories are the things that I love and that excited me, to "fire some cannonballs" as the Baron Munchausen, with some of the novels that I write, poems and little stories about how romantic people are falling down in the ground like Charlie Chaplin, but having a big smile whatever happens to them. In the end, I like giving a different C.V. every time...

To Melima

200600:15:00Video Art
The "Solicitude" is a spreading above the butter, in my slice of bread having for breakfast. I hope in your breakfast too. It's the life, the movement, the nature, the human, the society, the freedom as I "collected" the pollen from these words, with my own eyes. The product is ready for use, is this video that I'm not forced to do it but the video itself makes me to create its exist?nce. Take a bite.

3 Voices In The Dark

200500:03:19Video Art

A Lot Can Fit Inside One Minute

200700:02:23Video Art

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