Cherouvim Georgios


My name is Georgios Cherouvim and I was born in Athens, in 1981. After I graduated from high school in 98, I did an extra year in a specialisation course in Computer Science. After a year`s break, I joined the compulsory military service in Greece for 18 months which I finished in 2001. Having a previous experience with 3D and graphics applications, I decided to look for a University in the Uk, to extend my knowledge in this field. In May 2005, I graduated with a first (77,88%) from the BA(Hins) Computer Visualisation & Animation course of the NCCA at Media School of Bournemouth University. Apart from making animations, I really like photography, drawing and cooking.


200600:02:38Video Art
Theros (harvesting in ancient Greek) A short computer animated film which criticises an issue of the modern human society. It is a non-narrative character based piece, which through the use of strong imagery and repetitive animation delivers the message. The overall look is non-realistic with abstract forms and loose representations of a plausible reality. Behind the final product, the project involves many technical issues.

Digital Brushes

2014Digital Image
This series of images is an experiment in digital reconstruction of portrait photography, in an attempt to create a hybrid between hand drawn and procedurally generated image. A custom software was implemented in processing, which provides the user with a set of digital brushes. As the user draws on a blank canvas, the software references the color of an input image at the position of the brush and draws a basic element. The user's only creative decision is where and how to apply the brushstrokes within the image. Using a tablet, the speed, tilt and the pressure of the pen determines the size and shape of the element, creating expressive brushstrokes. Along with painting the images, the implementation of the tool played an equal role to the whole creative process. Both stages defined the aesthetic of the final images.


This short movie is a comment upon the relationship of man with his environment and the course of conquering the last. The imagery intervertebrally transcends from nature, to man's coexistence with it and finally the man himself,dominant and sacked by his own creations and allienated in a digital and virtual world. We observe the "master" living simple, everyday- mundane/boring even- moments of routine at the most remote places and amazing landscapes of the planet, despite the unfavorable conditions that may prevail there, uninterested or unable to recognize the impact that his everyday life may have on the environment. We follow him as he trascends from a living and colorful world to a claustrophobic, colorless and cold one, where reality is encoded into waveforms, and celebrates - at last- the absolute control of his world, which seems to annihilate him. Alosis is part of a greater body of mixed media works, first presented at monomorphia.

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