Ascroff Sean


Not knowing which career path to take after leaving school, Sean's father suggested he join the police force. Thankfully Sean's muscles didn't meet the entry requirements. After months of arduous soul searching at the beach he decided that graphic arts was the route to take and off he went to college. Whilst studying full time at the School of Visual Arts, a mail boy position became available at J Walter Thompson Advertising. Sean's career direction was chosen advertising TV Production. From JWT to Clemenger to FCB and finally to DDB Sydney Advertising, Sean has worked his way up to Head of DDBTV. During his 16 years at DDB, Sean has been instrumental in producing many award winning commercials for clients such as McDonald's, Konica Minolta and Gatorade. In his spare time, between raising a family, Sean helps out the children's charity "The Humpty Dumpty Foundation", which raises money to purchase medical equipment for the Royal North Shore Hospital.

The story of Bubbleboy

200700:06:00Video Art
Bubbleboy is a sad outsider who lives alone and is so afraid of pointed objects that he wraps everything, himself included, in bubblewrap. He never ventures from his house because the outside world is too terrifying. The film tells the story of his self imposed exile from the world and how one day, driven by dwindling supplies, he ventures out and is assaulted by thugs. Left for dead, he finally meets the girl of his dreams who restores his faith in life.

A children's Hospital

200700:05:20Video Art
When is an inanimate object the difference between life and death? In a situation that's much closer to reality than some of us might think, the story of A Children's Hospital reveals the absolute fragility of life and its dependence on factors completely beyond the expected.

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